Editor’s letter

The artisanal gesture has been rediscovered so often it’s become almost banal. But put aside the clichés and look at it, look at it carefully. It quivers, sighs, sings, flies, escapes, breathes, rejoices, embraces, fades. A material is transformed, the air resonates, the hand reaps the fruit of its work. You only have to forget about it, and the gesture that is true becomes an image in the mind’s eye.

Postcard by Jennifer Bongibault

India ink, with pen or brush: the deceptively naive drawings by this Parisian artist fondly capture the lives and behavior of her fellow city-dwellers. She divides her time between her work as an illustrator and her design studio, Atelier Brunoir. This month, a nod to her origins: a Pop take on the clichéd image of Poland and its capital.


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