Inside information

It’s a secret agent’s dream : an accomplice who’ll provide all the inside information you need. Sugar content, fat content, calorie count, percentage of water: nothing escapes its beady eye. Just download the relevant apps, and your phone will start reporting back on the fruit and veg display. That apple looks too good to be true? Whip out your pocket sensor and press the near-IR beam button: the molecules begin to vibrate, analyzing the reflected light, and the fruit ’fesses up to its sugar content. A suspiciously plump plum? Flash it to see how much water it contains. In the groceries section, chocolate won’t get away with it either: it will disclose the cocoa percentage of any bar of chocolate (you’ll learn a surprising thing or two). In a less palatable domain, this nifty device developed by the Israeli firm Consumer Physics can also identify the active substance in a pill, or determine a person’s body fat. Everyone will get something out of it professional or amateur, sports coach or computer geek, nutritionist or livestock farmer, nurse or cook. James Bond would have had a ball.

scio Pocket molecular Sensor Consumer Physics


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