The Perene spirit

Exceptional furniture produced near Annecy and infinite ways of combining designs are the house trademark.

Parc Kruger, la plus grande réserve animalière du pays.

Kruger National Park, the country’s largest animal reserve.

This Savoie-based company, prized by top chefs, takes cooking to a new level with its exceptional kitchen designs.

Cooking is an art, of that there is no doubt. Like elite sportsmen, leading chefs are stars these days. But where would they be without implements and cooktop, in short, without kitchens? The Savoie firm Perene is well aware of this, and has developed partnerships with Paul Bocuse and Christophe Michalak. The ranges and cabinetry that come out of their laboratories are custom-made; the aim is to be to kitchens what Audi and Mercedes are to cars. To prove it, all its stores display their creations in meticulously designed showrooms. Stéphane Guérinel, who runs the Levallois-Perret showroom, exemplifies this to perfection. In his store, a high-end prototype kitchen on display adjoins a partition in the form of a small triumphal arch, alluding to the Perene logo. Like a church altar, the prototype conceals an intimate space where clients and professionals develop a dream world with the aid of a great tool: the matériauthèque (materials library). For brand director Luc Brossard, this is the Holy Grail. Everything is available, and in more than 1,700 colors, from materials and colors to textures, varnishes and concrete finish. In the process, the company also concocts bathrooms and even living spaces. “We are tailors,” says Guérinel. “Our rolls of fabric are material samples and each client is entitled to their own made-to-measure suit.” Things have come a long way since 1907, when Eugène Fournier created a small workshop in Thônes (Haute-Savoie) that made wooden skis and sleds. Since then, the company, a division of Fournier SA, no longer hurtles down slopes, but rather climbs them, as its sales continue to grow. Quality, perfection and the latest trends (white, blue, taupe, Corian® and precious woods) are wielded here by peerless craftsmen, just as spices are by the finest chefs. A delight for the eyes and the other senses. When it comes to cuisine, good taste is primordial.



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