Henrik Pedersen

Hampton sofa, created for BoConcept.

You studied fashion. How has this influenced your design?

No part of the body is flat; to be comfortable, seats need to embrace its curves. Knowing them saves time when working on a project. I like to mix and match, the unexpected. I keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in society and the world.

Where does an idea come from?

I draw a lot, and things go back and forth in my mind like a game of ping-pong. I then use a computer to eliminate the flaws until it’s ready for production.

How do you work with BoConcept?

More ping-pong. They may need a piece of furniture to add to their collections, or I may have an idea that interests them. We discuss a lot.

Do you have a favorite material?

Not really. I like genuine, supple materials. Leather, wood, ceramic or plasticas long as it isn’t imitating anything else.

What are you most proud of?

My next design. I’m proud of what I’ve done, more in terms of the challenges I’ve taken on than the end result. It’s thrilling to create new processes and further develop those that already exist, to shift technologies from one field to another.

What places best reflect your vision?

Emerging areas in Berlin and London. It’s all so dynamicfashion, food, music, the arts. There’s a kind of creativity without borders.

What’s the first thing you do when you reach a place you don’t know?

I ask the people living there what to see, where to eat, what to visit. Then I set off on my own to explore.

Which objects do you always carry?

I like to travel light, but I always have a notebook and pencil.

What is your dream destination?

I’m looking for relaxationit doesn’t matter if it’s Bali, Canada or Provence!

1967 Naissance à Herning (Danemark).
1990 Diplôme de styliste de mode, TEKO.
1996 Lance son agence de design 365° à Aarhus.
2007 Début de sa collaboration avec BoConcept, marque danoise de mobilier créée en ;1952.
2009 Fauteuil Imola.
2014 Chaise Adelaide.
2016 Canapé Hampton.
2017 Des nouveautés sont annoncées autour du modèle Adelaide. À suivre.


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