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Plan de cabine du Boeing 787, avec ses 3 classes de voyage.

Seat map of Boeing 787, with three travel classes.

R comme reflet La règle, ici, pour que le roman s’invente : qu’un mot en reflète un autre et qu’il en brouille le contour. De billard à pillard1, le reflet trace la route.

1. Dans Comment j’ai écrit certains de mes livres, on apprend que c’est la transformation d’une première phrase, «les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du billard» en cette autre «les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du pillard», qui a produit le roman Impressions d’Afrique.

R as in reflection A ground rule for constructing the novel: each word always has to reflect another, blurring the contours. From billard to pillard,1 the mirror effect paves the way.

1. In Roussel’s How I Wrote Certain of My Books, we learn that the novel Impressions of Africa is based on the transformation of the opening phrase“les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du billard” into this other one“les lettres du blanc sur les bandes du pillard.”


Final assembly of the 500th B787, the first to fly the Air France colors, in Boeing’s Everett factory.

Écran tactile, port USB, prise électrique… tout est pensé pour agrémenter le voyage.Touch screen, USB port, electrical outlet: all you need for a pleasant flight.

Le nouveau fauteuil de la cabine Premium Economy garantit intimité et confort.

New seats in the Premium Economycabin offer privacy and comfort.

Greater space between rows provides optimal legroom.

Teams have been working for months on the commissioning of Air France’s first B787-9, aka the Dreamliner. Its first commercial flight, Paris to Cairo, is scheduled for January 9.

– extra legroom: additional 5 cm between each row, and a leg rest that lifts higher, separate from the seat.

– seat and backrest: significant improvements inspired by research into the contact area of the body and the pressure exerted. The thickness and density of the foam were therefore modified, with additional reinforced areas for the lower back and an adjustable leather headrest. The seat width was expanded by 2.5 cm.

– seat recline increased to 130° from 123° to improve sleeping conditions.

– fixed shell that protects personal space from reclining seats in front and behind.

Other practical and innovative functions:

– individual swiveling fiber-optic reading lamp, more precise and with variable intensity.

– groove in the tray table that holds a book or tablet vertically, for more user-friendly reading.

– 12-inch (30 cm) touch screen, electrical outlet, USB port, noise-reducing headphones (as in Business class) are all still available.

And our additional services, because traveling in Premium Economy

puts the emphasis on well-being both in flight and on the ground, and offers:

– priority access at the airport to avoid lines (SkyPriority, in more than 1,000 airports).

– 29 kg additional baggage allowance (over Economy).

– unlimited download of reading material with the Air France Press app (newspapers, magazines).

– Flying Blue frequent flyer program to enjoy additional services through earning Miles.

*Air France rankings for Premium Economy in 2016: sixth best airline (tenth in 2015); seventh best seat (tenth in 2015); third best catering (fourth in 2015).


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