Instant Paris, c’est parti !
Traits de caractère
L’Eau Kenzo Electric Wave, eau de toilette Kenzo

Welcome to Paris Airport Transfer Lounge and its airside hotel Instant Paris, an area for international connecting passengers with a layover of more than three hours or those with a departure the following day, opened in early November at Paris-CDG 2E. The original concept by Paris Aéroport is located in the middle of the Air France hub, Hall L. Instant Paris is a 4,500 m2 space for relaxation and well-being that includes YotelAir Hotel and a private lounge, open 24/7; the restaurant Naked; and free services, such as a family area with Kapla play center; a library; and a “screen wall” in the Live Arena showing news, sports events and short films on the history of Paris. On the program for Air France passengers connecting at CDG: pop-up events, an immersive 3D walk through the French capitala “virtual window,” with real-time images of the Eiffel Tower and the rooftops of Paris.


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