Un arbre à mâcher

Appearances can be deceptive. Sometimes a tiny movement is all it takes: the crush of a molar and a few chomps of the jaw can open up a new perspective. Take for example this piece of gum, as square as can be, which relaxes sensitive palates at opportune moments. Believe it or not, chewing it is a way of making a social and environmental statement, because this chewing gum is totally unique in the world of confectioneryindeed, it is more easily found in a drugstore. A fair-trade product, it is festooned with eco-friendly certificates, 100 percent natural and biodegradable, and complies with all persuasions and restrictions (vegan, kosher, gluten- and aspartame-free). And the more you chew it, the tastier it gets. It is made in Mexico by a community of chicleros, who are grouped together into cooperatives and harvest the latex in the jungle, cutting zigzags into the trunks of sapodilla trees (chicozapote). The tree is then left in peace until the following harvest, five years later, which preserves the biotope. As for the latex, it is boiled, sweetened with agave syrup and scented with natural aromas. In the mouth, the first thing that strikes you is the texture, followed by the flavor, which is less feisty than that of other gums, but slower to fade. A persuasive, and elastic, butterfly effect.

prince, peas


The Prince and the Peas