Brut force

Charles Heidsieck is celebrating its founder’s spirit of adventure.

Light and fizzy, Champagne quickly became synonymous with the happy events of life. But before bottles were sacrificed on ships’ hulls when they were launched, people had to cross oceans to introduce its flavor to new lands. More than 150 years ago, Charles Heidsieck cultivated this spirit of conquest. A gentleman explorer, he was one of the first to travel all over the world, introducing his high-quality wines to the US (which he visited four times), Canada, Russia, the Nordic countries and England. A visionary before his time, he was convinced that Champagne would become popular with all discerning drinkers and a symbol of elegance. The Reims house is paying tribute to the man who first thought of exporting the magical savoir-faire of the Champagne region with a very limited cuvée called Cosmopolite. Released in a unique large format of 150 jeroboams25 of which are available in a luxury version set into a book tracing the history of the house’s intrepid founderit is made from a selection of some 60 crus from the 2011 vintage, combined with 40% of reserve wines around ten years old. It is this pursuit of quality that has made the house’s brut réserve successful. The label, a facsimile of the one created 150 years ago, features a planisphere topped by a sailing ship (the airplane had not yet been invented), together with the simple name: Champagne Cosmopolite.

Drink in moderation. Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health.


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