The giving tree

A word that makes us grow. A word with magical powers. A word that links us to humanity and carries a thousand lessons, untrumpeted. It progresses mezza voce. There is nothing showy about it; instead, it embodies the discreet charm of generosity.Giving only matters if it comes from the heart. It is not gifting, bequeathing or bestowing. Giving is a quiet thing, without fanfare or flourishnone of that noisy chatter, a word shunning all frivolity. Giving life, giving one’s word, one’s friendship; giving food for thought, giving pleasure, hope, one’s time. Giving is no laughing matter.No one, from child to basketball player, is ever big enough. Yet giving makes everyone a giant. I see it as an art. More than an art, a state of grace. A way of existing on a higher plane. Giving, shedding and becoming lighter, transmitting. Yet “the manner of giving is worth more than the gift,” according to Corneille. Giving radiates outward from every being. It is a solar system. Is giving not the most beautiful thing a hand can offer the spirit? A way of being in relation to others, vibrantly alive. The truly beautiful gesture, that of transmission, which ensures continuity and movement. A way of spreading our wings. It is also a way to escape, to break free. To attain release, without tension. To be reborn, elevated. Giving is uplifting. And what if giving represented our highest self? I believe in this transcending of the self through giving. Giving the best part of who we are. The author gives life to unknown worlds, to characters (I hate to lend them life), to sensations. The author gives form to things. Because understanding, like dreaming, is not always a given. If you lack this knowledge, the world remains hieroglyphics. And without the heart, it remains mute.Giving. Yielding. Forgiving.This is a loving word.Perhaps (and above all) because it sows seeds.A rose gives flowers, a vine gives grapes. And what about us? What will we give?Let everyone make this their goal.Better yourself: give!

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