Trésors d’histoire

Historical treasures of religious art There are over 150 cathedrals in France. Ranging from Gothic to classical and Romanesque edifices (as at Périgueux and Puy-en-Velay), they are among France’s most precious treasures. Some are listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage site: Albi, Amiens (top left), Bourges (right), Reims and Strasbourg. The French Culture Ministry earmarks nearly €50 million each year for the preservation of the 87 cathedrals that belong to the state and are listed as historic monuments. The restoration of the spectacular, recently discovered 13th-century murals in Poitiers Cathedral and the vaults, walls and stained-glass windows of the famous Chartres Cathedral (bottom left) are among the conservation projects currently underway. Not only are these places important architectural and spiritual sites, but they are also repositories for fine furnishings and artworks, including paintings, sculptures, gold- and silverwork, organs and liturgical textiles. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover these buildings and their treasures.

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