L’allegro au galop

Bucephalus, Al-Buraq, Marengo . . . history is dotted with famous horses. Man and mount forge an exclusive relationship in which they seem to become almost one. This special partnership gave rise, in the Renaissance, to a new kind of artistic expression, which is today taking ever more ambitious forms.

La Voie de l’Écuyer, a horse extravaganza choreographed by Bartabas at the Versailles Academy of Equestrian Arts.

Saint-Marguerite-du-lac-Messon It’s a story about a shelter deep in the woods, in the vast expanses of Quebec. It’s a story about abandoned and aging horses who are put out to pasture here. It’s the story of a slightly zany show starring a superb stallion named Voltaire, who recounts his circus life during the Belle Époque with a dash of humor, surrounded by acrobats, jugglers, dancers, and some 20 fellow horses. Cheval-artiste!, which includes 3-D special effects and video, explores the destinies that are sometimes forgotten or ignored those offering a lease on new life.

Cheval-artiste !D’après le roman «les Mémoires d’un cheval-tambour».

Le 27.11 et le 18.12. Cavaland. Parc d’attractions équestres.
Sala de Cámara.lecheval.ca

Versailles Founded by Bartabas in 2003, the Versailles Academy of Equestrian Arts is an experimental laboratory for riding as an art form. Inspired and enhanced by a location totally devoted to horses, La Voie de l’Écuyer, the new show choreographed by the artist, highlights the work and discipline required for training the animal. It provides a look at the incredible bond that can form between horses and human beings through song, dance, fencing and even Japanese horseback archery. Pure artistic delight.

La Voie de l’écuyer–Opus 2016

Jusqu’au 30.12. Manège de la Grande Écurie, château de Versailles.
Sala de Cámara.www.bartabas.fr

Birmingham The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, honored with a place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, is an institution. The 68 resident Lipizzaner stallions usually perform in Vienna’s Winter Riding School. To mark its 450th year, the school is on tour, stopping in the UK to display its art and peerless skills.

École espagnole de Vienne–450e anniversaire

Du 18 au 20.11. Barclaycard Arena.
Sala de Cámara.www.barclaycardarena.co.uk


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