Rice to riches

Milan Risotto alla milanese is a sumptuously creamy yellow rice dish, so rich that it’s sometimes topped with gold leaf. They say it was invented by accident: some saffron pistils, then used to clean the Duomo’s stained-glass windows, fell into a pot of boiling ricethough in reality, Giovanni Felice Luraschi concocted it circa 1829. It’s traditionally made with oxtail broth, marrow, butter, Parmesan and saffron. You have to keep an eye on it, like milk on a stove. These days, it’s reworked in light and vegetarian versions.

Kerala Just when you thought Italian risotto, French blanquette, Cantonese rice and Spanish paella basically covered all things rice-related, in comes the Kerala rice crepe. Rani’s breakfast at the Vanilla County Plantation Home Stay is a lesson in lightness. A speckled, lacy pancake with wafer-thin edges is slipped onto the plate, ready for a sweet or savory accompaniment. It’s called a palappam, made of rice flour, and the secret behind this delicate offering is its batter, which is fermented in palm wine. For our greater pleasure.

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Seoul It arrives like such a sizzling hot cannonball that you nearly draw back a bit. Yet you’re hypnotized, torn between hunger pangs and common sense. This rice composition includes soy sprouts, herbs and bellflower root, sometimes meat, often a raw egg, and it’s one of those dishes that’ll put you in a good mood, because you get to mix it all up, make your own pot, as it were, stirring it just right. And you see that one of the fundamentals of a dish is movement and air. And that’s how bibimbap came beep-beeping along to join the list of global favorites.

To celebrate Farrow & Ball’s 70th anniversary, Charlotte Cosby created three 1940s-style wallpaper designs: Gable, a rural scene; Enigma, inspired by a wartime enciphering machine; and Arcade, referencing Art Deco.
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