Editor’s letter

Ride, rider, riding. Like the flexing, rippling muscles of a horse in motion, the words stretch and extend, lengthening their step, gathering speed, the long i’s keeping pace, the r’s as rhythmic as pounding hooves. The letters gallop and jump, prance and rear, describing bridle and mare, saddle and stallion, man and mountcavalier and cheval in Frenchand the words keep coming: cavalcade, cavalerie, cavale. In the distance, you’ll spot Cavalaire, Cavallo, Cavaillon. Even a caravansary, like a vision from afar.

Postcard by David Duvshani

He’s a painter and comics artist who leans toward simplification, and travels in search of history and art19th-century Orientalists, Art Deco poster designers and more. This month, a nod to Tel Aviv: starting with in-situ sketches, an iconic Bauhaus building in the city center, fashioned using colored paper.