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Tintin in the La Première lounge

Tintin in the La Première lounge After Ousmane Sow, Olivia Berckemeyer, Jean-Michel Othoniel, JonOne, Markus Raetz, Jeff Koons and Niki de Saint Phalle, it’s Nat Neujean’s turn. Represented by his son, Bertrand Neuman, this artist sculpted an effigy of Tintin, whose comic-book adventures (showcased in the “Hergé” exhibition at Paris’s Grand Palais through January 15, 2017) continue to enchant young and old. This bronze of Tintin with his faithful companion, Snowy, stands at the entrance to the La Première lounge at Paris-CDG, Terminal 2E, until Christmas. Like the Grand Palais show, it’s a tribute to the artist, whose little 2D hero has been transformed into three dimensions thanks to the talent of Nat Neujean. Air France is forging links with the field of comic-book art, reaffirming its status as an airline that is very much in the spirit of its times.


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