Cabine Business
Restaurant in the sky

Véritable manifeste de l’Art nouveau, l’hôtel Metropol inauguré en 1905 est décoré de somptueux vitraux.

A manifesto for Art Nouveau, the Hotel Metropol, opened in 1905, is adorned with magnificent stained glass.

Air France is calling on the Institut Paul Bocuse, global leader in French hospitality techniques, to train the teams providing a new service being tested on three flights.*

The success of the redesigned Business cabins inspired Air France to continue its upmarket strategy to better meet the expectations of passengers, while promoting French savoir-faire. The new personalized, more stylish service aims to anticipate the needs of Business passengers by offering flexible food options on request, giving travelers more freedom.

As in a restaurant, orders for the hot meal are taken at the beginning of the flight. Meals are then served on plates set on tableclothsan elegant gesture in keeping with the standards of French gastronomy.

The second food option is served on request on a tray, up to 1 hour, 15 minutes prior to landing, on short-haul flights like Paris/New York and extra-long flights like Paris/Singapore or Paris/Tokyo-Haneda. The second meal is offered toward the end of the flight and, in the interim, a selection of cold, hot, sweet or savory snacks is available and served on request.

In the Business cabin, “it’s all about you,” and flight crews work tirelessly to offer you premium service.

* Paris-CDG/New York-JFK aller-retour AF010 & AF011, AF008 & AF009. Paris-CDG/Singapour aller-retour AF256 & AF257. Paris-CDG/Tokyo-Haneda aller-retour AF272 & AF279 et AF274 & AF293.