20 ans dédiés à votre mobilité

20 years and counting Launched in 1996 with flights from Paris-Orly to Marseille, Nice and Toulouse, followed by Bordeaux in 1999, the Navette continues to expand, with the addition of Montpellier this year. It’s an opportunity to underscore the strong points that have made this “shuttle” service so successful: flights every 60 minutes, even every 30 minutes during rush hour; fast access to the airplaneunder 30 minutes from arrival at the airport to the boarding gate; planes that always leave from the same terminal and from adjacent gates. Offering freedom and speed, simplicity and flexibility, the Navette helps you make the best use of your time, allowing you to take the flight preceding or following your scheduled flight (when traveling with a Flex fare). With over 100 million passengers in two decades, the Navette is more than ever committed to making travel easier.


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