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L’instant à l’œuvre

Paris “I find painting at the moment to be a kind of tussle or grappling: it’s a physical, cosmic, spatial endeavor.” Lydie Arickx creates only in public, in the here and now. While resuscitating the living and the dead of the French Revolution in the Expiatory Chapel in Paris, she is also exploring the passage of time, painting an organic maelstrom every day at the Conciergerie.


Jusqu’au 9.10, à la Conciergerie.
Jusqu’au 6.11, à la Chapelle expiatoire.

Trattoria comme là-bas

Paris This Sicilian gem, with a tiled decor typical of a fishmongers and shelves groaning beneath the weight of olive oil, is where Giuseppe Messina whips up dishes based on what’s available and on family memories. Pasta with fresh sardines, pine nuts and wild fennel, tuna sautéed in garlic, and della mamma cake. No wonder this part of the 16th arrondissement is beaming.


135, rue du Ranelagh. Tél. +33 (0)1 45 27 99 93.

Guérit-on de son enfance ?

Paris In this book, the lives of the main characters (Louise, Marie and Jean) are interwoven with absence, deception and what goes unsaid. They revolve like planets around a sun that’s like a negative, missing or misleading. Then, truth rears its head, deliberately, discreetly brutal. It is a silent text, an elegant drama.


Karine Silla. Plon.

Yin et Yang

Paris There’s a real attraction between the Zadig & Voltaire man and woman. In their wake float notes of jasmine and vanilla (for her), and pepper and grapefruit (for him), with sandalwood linking the two together. Unassailable scents, hotly complementing one another.


Au seuil des mystères

Paris “Take a closer look,” French art historian Daniel Arasse advises viewers as they admire great masterpieces. For his images, which conceal more than they reveal, photographer Martin d’Orgeval drew on the concept of how something can be blinding in its beauty. Doors, screens and other forms turn into enigmatic, immaterial entities.


Jusqu’au 30.10. 5-7, rue de Fourcy.

Dans le grand bain

Paris A true fashion accessory, something soft to swaddle yourself in après-bain and a colorful oasis to welcome weary swimmers: the ideal bath towel was woven by La Serviette Paris. In partnership with leading French houses, the featured pattern takes you on a trip through the land of the Navajos (photo).


100% coton peigné égyptien.

Jouer la fibre nippone

Paris This season, the duo Kitsuné honors The Wind Rises (2013), Japanese director Miyazaki’s last animated film. A bird-like airplane, Mount Fuji and the rising sun all feature in this poetic, playful collection, bolstered by the elegance of natural materials. The name of the collection? Love Rises.


Collection automne-hiver 2016.

À la verticale de l’été

Paris Eugénie Paultre was not the first to paint colorful stripes, but she has her own way of doing so, like joyful repetitions. “Painting is the simplest art,” she says, “just a few colors, like when we were kids, virtually nothing.” Yet this “virtually nothing” morphs into icons of water, sun and air.


Du 12.10 au 5.11.
16, rue Littré.

«Le ciel, il n’y a que cela qui m’intéresse»

Paris Gérard Feldzer (b. 1944) joined Air France flying the Caravelle, then became a training captain aboard A330s and A340s (he flew the latter on his last commercial flight, in 2004). Meanwhile, he flew for Aviation Sans Frontières, ran the Musée de l’Air, then lost track of the number of flying, rolling and floating vehicles he traveled on. He recounts his life in this book.


Gérard Feldzer. XO éditions.

L’âge courtois

Marseille Giving others gifts to celebrate your birthday is a class act indeed. To mark its 20th year, Sessùn is offering customers a sophisticated book and soundtrack, created by designer Emma François. Their new collection holds another surprise, the revival of their loveliest designs, like a Victorian blouse and flannel overalls.


Pureté urbaine

Paris Female urban cyclists and city trekkers have an invisible common enemy, hidden away in the air and car exhaust. For protection, Bio-Beauté®, Nuxe’s organic little sister launched in 2007, designed its anti-pollution products as a complete line, from the vitamin-laden mask to the fruity lotion treatment. Soaking up the orange water and acerola pulp, the skin goes home with its own share of radiance.


Bio-Beauté® by Nuxe.

© Lydie Arickx, photo : Alex Bianchi - Mathieu Martin Delacroix - Antoine Boury

© Mathieu Martin Delacroix - La Serviette Paris - Martin d’Orgeval - Pierpaolo Ferrari

© Mathieu Martin Delacroix - Eugénie Paultre, courtesy galerie Claude Lemand, Paris - Sessùn