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D’un rivage, l’autre



Japan harbors primordial myths, and this “celebration of a Japanese bestiary” offers an intriguing gallery. For some years, photographer Charles Fréger has been compiling an inventory of different communities, each with its own symbolic traditional and religious festivals. Following on from Europe, this volume explores the Land of the Rising Sun, where he has captured masked and costumed men representing monsters (yôkai), portrayed during rituals. Pure landscapes bathed in natural light enhance these striking disguises.

Par Charles Fréger

Actes Sud



Being Breton and the son of a fisherman, restaurant owner and chef Philippe Emanuelli was probably predisposed to write Fish. In fact, he penned it because he is above all a human being. Instead of a traditional cookbook, he offers techniques for preparing and cooking fish using original recipes as well as ethical and environmental reflections. Illustrated by the striking, gritty photos of Frédéric Raevens, which showcase the raw ingredients.

Par Philippe Emanuelli
et Frédéric Raevens



Le Vieil Homme et la mer

This is a tale of linesfishing lines, the line of the horizon, the lines drawn by Thierry Murat. In a work of few words and details, the illustrator conveys the poetry and tension of the struggle between a fisherman and a marlin, based on Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea. The slow passage of time is conveyed in multiple shades of blue and ocher. Murat opts for large frames depicting minimal but telling detailsa bird exiting the image, a close-up of a handand never shows his characters’ eyes, even though they most certainly have a soul.

Par Thierry Murat, librement
inspiré du roman d’Ernest



Tout le monde veut voir la mer

Everyone wants to see the sea except Marika, who would happily swap her beach towel and snorkel for a saddle and riding boots. Yet thanks to the magic of the waves, seashells and her polka-dot swimsuit, the little heroine delicately drawn by Nathalie Choux is about to be surprised. “Other people think we have dreams that we don’t have,” she sighs. But sometimes we discover new dreams, ones that give us “butterflies in the tummy.”

Par Agnès de Lestrade
et Nathalie Choux

Éditions du Rouergue


Bibliothèque idéale du naufragé

There’s sand on the shelves of this inexhaustible library compiled by François Armanet, who asked 200 writers from every continent to choose three books they would take with them to a desert island. This impossible task saw some negotiate a fourth choice, while others cleverly picked Balzac’s multivolume Comédie humaine or bravely selected a single text. Some opted for an empty notebook. This joyous literary voyage will make you want to fill a suitcase (with no restrictions on the number of books), seek out a private oasis and read to your heart’s content.

Par François Armanet
et Stéphane Trapier


Crocheted headband and makeup kit Shirley Bredal


Le grand bain