Agité du bocal

It was a lesson in teamwork Workshops all over the place, serious discussions, flashes of genius, trial upon trial. And with precision equipment coming into the equation, too, as if we were on some kind of mission. Yet the packaging makes it sound easy: how to make Chantilly cream (sweetened whipped cream) with a jar and three dodecahedron balls. And here’s how it’s done: just shake for one minute and Bob’s your unclea foam as light and airy as they come appears, made without whisk or electricity. The saleswoman confused the issue a bit at first, recommending a well-chilled cream, whereas the instructions stipulate 18-20°C. Standing at the workbench felt like being in some kind of case study. We received precise instructions as to the type of milk (UHT, not fresh), and a (short) list of approved creams (apparently not all contain the fat content they say they do). We would need a thermometer to take the ingredient’s temperature from time to time; strong arms to shake the jar energetically (at least there’s some exercise involved); and a stopwatch to avoid ending up making butter. As for observing the scientific phenomenon of “expansion” (air bubbles coating the fat molecules), regrettably it just never happened. The cream in the jar just never got... whipped. We did hear about some successful cases, though. A case of fortune favoring the furious, perhaps.



The new lounge at Orly-West, in the airport’s Hall 2.


Relaxing in style
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