Wi-Fi on the wing

on the wing

Some objects are so obvious you wonder why they hadn’t been invented earlierlike the Bitebird.

For sure, travel is about switching off, disconnecting, unplugging. But sometimes you wantor needto reconnect: there are messages to send, friends around the world you want to share special moments with, or you may simply crave a news update. The idea is to be able to hook up when you want to, not only when you’re able to. And this freedom comes with Bitebird, a small roaming wireless device that hides what it’s up to pretty well. Just switch it on, enter your Wi-Fi password and enjoy a secure, efficient internet connection in over 60 countries using a prepaid data bundle (easily rechargeable). What’s more, up to 10 devices can be used simultaneously. Bitebird is ideal for travel, in both function and spirit. Not surprising, given that the designers, themselves globetrotters who work for AIR FRANCE KLM and Transatel, were looking to create a tool that they themselves would use. Bitebird had to be efficient, mobile and discreetin other words, the perfect travel companion.

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