A perfume named desire

A perfume
named desire

Azzaro’s new fragrance pays tribute to the vibrant temperament of the brand’s free-spirited founder, Loris Azzaro.

Azzaro’s ardent and lively latest addition injects a little impetuosity into a large family, without betraying its heritagea bit like the perfect son. In a play of shimmering facets, Wanted has joined Azzaro’s two iconic men’s perfumes, Chrome and Azzaro Pour Homme. “Our last big launch was 20 years ago,” explains Sandrine Groslier (photo), president of Clarins Fragrance Group, owner of Azzaro Parfums. “With Wanted, we were seeking to reinterpret the radiance and joie de vivre of the house’s other creations, giving them a new boldness.”

With its woody texture and notes of spice, the newcomer comes spun in fine materials, thanks to nose Fabrice Pellegrin: rough vetiver is intertwined with tonka bean, ambery juniper and leather accords, while ginger traces motifs of pepper and rose. At its heart, cardamom, pod and seed resonating together, weaves an almost feminine note into the weft. And standing out from the sillage, like the tip of a branch, Calabrian lemon lights everything up with a ray of Mediterranean sun.

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