Standing tall

They suffered violence and social ostracization, yet managed to keep their dignity. They are the heroines of Elles ont toutes une histoire (“They all have a story”), a series of portraits of powerful women made by Nils Tavernier for France Télévisions.

These eleven women, from Cambodia and Nicaragua to Cameroon, France and the US, courageously turned their pain and suffering into successful ventures. Antonia built an earth-brick house with her own hands; Min trained as a beautician; Hawaou Adamou, illiterate until the age of 35, helps girls from her neighborhood receive an education. The Air France Foundation chose to highlight the work of the Terra dos Homens association in Rio de Janeiro, through the work of Debora, a mother at 16, who is now helping combat teen pregnancies. This collection of portraits was supported by nine corporate foundations, including the Air France Foundation and France Télévisions, united in their respect for women’s dignity and rights in the world.

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Mobility for life