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Transhumance is an essential part of subsistence in West Africa. Acting for Life provided support for Mauritanian initiatives that are now being implemented in surrounding countries. In Mauritania, severe seasonal variations affect livestock breeding and crops. Farmers have to adapt to extreme climate conditions. Transhumance enables them to fnd the necessary resources in other regions. Since 2014, with fnancial support from Air France, Acting for Life and local partners have facilitated the mobility of the livestock of 50,000 farmers from 1,500 villages. Forty veterinary assistants were also trained and 1,000 tons of fodder were distributed to more than 2,500 families. Four vaccination centers, fve waterering holes and four storehouses were built. Two livestock markets were created, and 15 management committees trained and supported. Herds are thus in better health and their market value improved. Thanks to their higher purchasing power, farmers fnd it easier to manage during the dry season. Similar, large-scale projects are under way in nine other West African countries.

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