The world as it is

L’économie de la planète en quelques chiffres.


70 kg of different materials are required to make a single iPhone 5C, weighing 132 g.

10 th out of the top ten most powerful automobile brands: the Tesla electric car group.

4 years: time required to amortize an electric car if you drive 15,000 km/year.

2,7 million electric cars forecast to be sold in 2018.



Economy, from the Greek word oikonomia, means “household management.” A definition that applies to 99 percent of the population. A number of initiatives based on this observation have created new practices, from Grameen Bank’s micro-credit to the social-business models adopted by multinationals, and from the emergence of collaborative economic sites to crowd-funding platforms on the Internet. There are more possibilities than ever, with some of the bravest participants moving into neglected niche markets. FPE (Financière des Paiements Électroniques), for example, a French company working with the network of newsagents, launched an alternative service for withdrawals and deposits that does not rely on a physical bank. Co-founder and IT specialist Ryad Boulanouar teamed up with three finance and marketing experts: Hugues Le Bret (former Boursorama CEO), Pierre de Perthuis and Michel Calmo. Launched in 2014, Compte Nickel does not give loans and doesn’t allow overdrafts (forget overdraft charges), but it helps more than 300,000 account-holders live a responsiblelet’s say, economiclife.


100 million new vehicles: forecast sales for the global car market in 2020.


2 km: increase in the distance traveled by a French worker between home and workplace since the start of the 21st century.


This is not a toy

To determine the identity of the famous English artist Banksy (who fiercely guards his anonymity), researchers at Queen Mary University of London have used the geographic profiling techniques of criminologists. A crazy idea, a brilliant technique and an intrusive approach, one that combines human curiosity and ingenuity with powerful tools at hand. Not only are they extremely accessible, but their extreme capacities areas is often the caseoverlooked by their own designers, as with so-called evolutionary algorithms, which are gradually outstripping their original functions. For example, they defeated the reigning Go world champion, and in just a few months they solved a satellite antenna problem that NASA had been working on, unsuccessfully, for years. By applying the law of Serge Soudoplatoffaccording to which sharing an intangible good means multiplying itto our thirst for knowledge, the rate of innovations and discoveries will be exponential.

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