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Récits en herbe



They were long given supporting roles on our plates, and expected to adapt their performances to those of the true stars: tender veal, elegant sole, hearty steak. Now, thanks to the growing vegetarian trend, vegetables are leading solo careers. Carefully chosen, prepared and dressed, they are here showcased by a young Swedish chef, winner of the 2014 Bocuse d’Or Europe. From the classic carrot, spinach or leek to lesser-known or forgotten gems such as kohlrabi and Jerusalem artichoke, this book of 85 recipes pays tribute to the natural beauty of these ingredients.

Par Tommy Myllymäki



Gaspard ne répond plus

This debut novel cleverly weaves together three stories: that of Gaspard de Ronsard, a participant in a Vietnamese reality TV show; that of the TV channel (when he disappears); and that of an outspoken commentator living in a remote part of the country. The tale also paints sharp, humorous portraits of three strong-minded women. A race against time, raising questions about modern life and the need to reconnect with our roots.

Par Anne-Marie Revol

Éditions JC Lattès


Dis, comment ça pousse?

How do apples, carrots and cabbages grow? The question’s so simple you’d think this pretty book would be best left to inquisitive kids on market day. But there’s something for everyone to learn in this volume, even the most knowledgeable gardeners. For example, that peaches and apricots originally came from China; that there are plums named after queens; and that kiwis grow on vines, not trees.

Par Françoise de Guibert et Clémence Pollet

Éditions De La Martinière Jeunesse


Quiconque exerce ce métier stupide mérite tout ce qui lui arrive

The title comes from an Orson Welles line: “Anyone working in this idiotic profession deserves everything they get.” Christophe Donner draws on cinema’s energy, glitz, fast cuts and sassy dialogue to trace the portraits of three rivals of French cinemaClaude Berri, Maurice Pialat and producer Jean-Pierre Rassam. A chapter in the history of French movie-making and a tracking shot through the 1970s.

Par Christophe Donner



Mon premier livre de cuisine indienne

Indian Made Easy. It’s time to take the plunge: small, simple gestures, a few spices and condimentsones that crop up in numerous recipesand the gourmet is ready to chop, season, sear and simmer, vegetables in particular, with unexpected creativity. The result is a delicious surprise for Western noses and palates. The author simplifies traditional recipes and gives tips that make preparation easier (substitute products, explanations of certain steps, etc.). For enthusiasts, there are recipes for pickles, chutneys, yogurts, roasts and naans, as well as menu ideas. A bible and a culinary journey.

Par Amandip Uppal


Coussins Pomme multicolore, Bouche bagues et Chou  Multicolored Apple, Mouth with braces and Cabbage pillows en baby alpaga, tricotés à la main Œuf NYC


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