Step by step

Step by step

Launched in 2015, the Paire & Fils label boldly reinvents high-end boots, going off the beaten track.

Place Dauphine is a stunning, secret enclave in Paris. This is where Guillaume Randrüüt and Pierre de Linares, both recent MBA graduates, chose to open the flagship boutique for their new shoe brand. Six different boot designs (any more would be de trop) await customers (for father, son and anyone else in the spirit) in trompe l’oeil shoeboxes that look like book covers. The names of the various models L’Homme Révolté (The Rebel), Le Jeune Voyou (Young Deluxe Thug), La Réconciliation (photo)give an idea of the pair’s romantic ambitions, both of them sons of literature professors. The concept, however, is down to earth: top quality shoes at affordable prices, made in one of the best factories in Portugal. “At first, the manufacturer refused to take us on as clients, as we weren’t very well known. But after three or four meetings, he finally gave in and agreed,” recalls de Linares. “But more than anything, we really love shoes,” adds Randrüüt. “And we pamper our customers, bonding with them on a personal basis.” The two friends, now wreceiving backing from a third partner, feel confident, although they remain cautious. “We are moving slowly. We rented the Place Dauphine shop for a three-month period at first, before taking it for a year. We did the same thing in Bordeaux this summer, very gradually.” Now, with over 2,500 pairs sold since April 2015, the small business seems to be taking off, filling a previously existing gap. Could this be a good idea in the flesh?

The new shopfront at 266, boulevard Saint-Germain.


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