Lillemor Jakobson

Lillemor Jakobson

Lillemor Jakobson

S comme Solus. Locus Solus1 Pour aller y songer et vous souvenir, cherchez la splendeur de quelques sites singuliers et solitaires gardés par le silence des statues. En certaines saisons, quand souffle le sirocco, les choses vues vous sembleront sitôt surgies de siècles et de séjours somptueux et très éloignés2.

1. Locus Solus a paru en feuilleton de décembre 1913 à mars 1914, sous le titre Quelques heures à Bougival dans Le Gaulois du Dimanche. Chaque livraison était décorée d’un bandeau représentant la grille d’un parc avec au fronton l’inscription Locus Solus. Cf. F. Caradec, op. cité. 2. À Naples, une visite au Musée archéologique fera découvrir des mosaïques et des statues antiques.

S as in Solus: Locus Solus1 To go there to reminisce and dream, search for the splendor of some singular and solitary sites guarded by silent statues. In certain seasons, when the sirocco blows, sightings will appear to loom up from centuries past and from distant and sumptuous sojourns.2

1. Locus Solus was first published in serial form between December 1913 and March 1914, with the title Quelques Heures à Bougival, in Le Gaulois du Dimanche. Each article featured a banner representing the iron gate to a park with “Locus Solus” inscribed on the pediment. See F. Caradec, Raymond Roussel. 2. In Naples, discover the mosaics and ancient statues in the archaeological museum.

How did it all start?

When I was a kid I loved to draw and I made paper dresses for my dolls. Then I learned how to sew. As a teenager, I made my own clothes, because ready-to-wear didn’t yet exist for people my age.

BabyBjörn is 55 years old. Is there anything new to design for babies?

We have to follow fashions and trends. New materials are developed, popular colors change. Parents are increasingly well informed, therefore demanding, about allergenic substances, recyclable components, and so on.

What are you most proud of?

A shift in social attitudes. In 1992, I was proud to see a father in suit and tie get out of a Paris taxi wearing a baby carrier!

What do you want to transmit to the next generation?

It is very important to do a job you love, because we spend a lot of time working. Don’t forget nature, which is good for both body and soul. And know when to turn off tablets and smartphones.

What is Artipelag?

A cultural venue in the middle of the forest in Stockholm’s archipelago, which we created using our profits from BabyBjörn. This large hall with two restaurants hosts exhibits and concerts. Food for the soul!

The theme of this issue is “Budding Talents.” Who are they, in your opinion?

Young Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld, who works with paper (

What place embodies the values of your labelreliability, well-being, quality?

Sweden! The land of gender equality, a pioneer in baby and child care. I’m always happy coming back to Sweden. I like the rhythm of the seasons, the light and even the cold winters.

A dream trip?

It came true: Easter Island. I would like to go back to India, and to Italy, a country I love and visit often.


1935 Naissance à Stockholm.

1956 Diplôme de direction artistique à la Berghs School of Communication.

1963 Diplôme de designer textile, Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and design).

1961 Création de BabyBjörn et du premier transat pour bébé.

1973 Premier porte-bébé (pour le tout-petit, les contacts physiques comptent autant que l’alimentation).

1991 Porte-bébé Original, adapté au nouveau-né.

1994 Porte-bébé noir, mode oblige.

2012 Ouverture d’Artipelag (

2016 Un même porte-bébé servant à plusieurs enfants, BabyBjörn en a «porté» environ 30 millions !

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