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in Europe

Algiers, one hour from Lyon, now has flights from Nantes.

Algiers, one hour from Lyon, now has flights from Nantes.

With 15 new destinations and five new aircraft, Transavia is now the leading low-cost airline in Europe from Paris-Orly. Renowned for its service and fares, it has been growing steadily.

Transavia France operates 81 routes in Europe and to the Mediterranean Basin from:

(In bold the 15 new destinations from summer 2016)
— Paris-Orly Sud: Germany (Munich), Austria (Vienna), Crete (Chania), Croatia (Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik), Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Málaga, Seville, Valencia), Greece (Corfu, Heraklion, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorin, Thessaloniki), Hungary (Budapest), Iceland (Reykjavik), Ireland (Dublin), Israel (Tel Aviv), Italy (Catania, Naples, Palermo, Pisa, Venice, Verona), Cape Verde (Boa Vista), Malta (Valletta), Morocco (Agadir, Casablanca, Essaouira, Fes, Marrakech, Oujda), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Portugal (Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and Funchal via Porto), Czech Republic (Prague), United Kingdom (Edinburgh, London-Luton), Tunisia (Djerba, Monastir, Tunis), Turkey (Bodrum).

— Lyon: Algeria (Algiers), Spain (Seville, Valencia), Greece (Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes), Israel (Tel Aviv), Morocco (Agadir, Marrakech, Oujda), Portugal (Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Funchal via Porto), Tunisia (Monastir, Tunis).

— Nantes: Algeria (Algiers), Germany (Berlin), Spain (Madrid, Seville), Greece (Athens, Heraklion), Italy (Venice), Malta (Valletta), Morocco (Marrakech), Portugal (Faro, Lisbon, Porto, Funchal via Porto), Tunisia (Djerba, Monastir).

With over 11 million passengers transported in 2015, Transavia, AIR FRANCE KLM’s low-cost airline, aims to offer highly competitive prices (with one- way fares starting at €29, tax included), while focusing on high-quality service. It’s a choice that earned it recognition as the best low-cost airline in Europe in 2015 from the website, notably for the service and availability of its cabin crews.

It now has more than 160 destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin from France (Paris-Orly, Nantes and Lyon), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Groningen) and, since March, Germany (Munich). The airline launched 37 lines this year, including 15 from France alone. It is now the leading low-cost airline flying out of Orly and the second for Paris overall (Beauvais, CDG, Orly).

Low-cost combined with service and flexibility

The airline draws on all of its resources to best meet the expectations of its customers and to provide quality service. It therefore offers a simplified customer experience, and good contact with cabin crews, along with a transparent and competitive fares policy: no credit card or reservation fees are charged on

The offers are entirely adapted to the needs of each traveler, whether the purpose of a trip is business or pleasure, with three travel options that are clear, simple and adapted to everyone. — Basic: for those who wish to travel light at the most economical price.

— Plus: for those with 20 kg of checked baggage, seat reservations for an additional fee.

— Max: ideal for non-stress business travel; it’s flexible (flights can be changed up to two hours before departure), efficient (check-in via smartphone app, Fast Track service and priority boarding) and adaptable (30 kg of checked baggage, two carry-ons and the choice of all available seats).

First-rate customer service

Whether informing, playing, sharing or advising, the airline’s spontaneous and surprising communications skills support the company values: pleasure, a human touch and authenticity.

— BlueLink will answer calls within 30 seconds, seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm, at 0 892 058 888.

— On social media, replies within the hour. Customers appreciate these personalized replies, signed with the first name of the webcare agent: Facebook (more than one million fans), Twitter (more than 6,100 followers), Instagram (more than 22,000 followers), Snapchat and TripAdvisor.

Since March, the airline has made its customer service available on Whatsapp. It guarantees that you will receive a reply within the hour. With the recent opening of its Snapchat account, it now shares live images of its everyday activities and behind-the-scenes views of its crews.

Enthusiasm generator

On board, Transavia offers you Enjoy, its inflight magazine, published three times a year. It contains various articles about the airline and destinations, and presents delicacies from the “mini market in the air,” games, gifts (including perfumes and watches) and a menu of snacks and drinks. On flights lasting more than two and a half hours, a selection of feature films enables passengers to fully relax. The Transavia Entertainment app, which can be downloaded before the flight, allows passengers to access free of charge a wide selection of films and series suitable for all viewers.

With service to nearly 30 countries and more than 340 daily flights, all signals are green for Transavia: the color of its logo, the flight crew uniforms, the new aircraft and the redesigned website. Bon voyage!


Nathalie Stubler
CEO Transavia France

Forward-looking, motivated and confident, Nathalie Stubler took over the reins of Transavia France ten months ago, bringing along big ambitions for the airline. In her words: “Our goal is to rise to the challenge of increasing our seat capacity by 30 percent, which means meeting the needs of 1.2 million more customers than in 2015, by capitalizing on our strengths:
new European destinations, possibility of same-day round trips, more flights from Nantes and Lyon, customized offers for all types of passengers.”

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