Le lait, source de richesses-new

Milk: a source
of wealth

Since 2015, Acting for Life, in partnership with the Mauritanian association AMAD, has been supporting a project in the milk sector to improve food safety and boost income.

Mauritania has been constantly increasing its imports of milk products, despite the importance of the livestock industry in the national economy and the large, but under-exploited potential for animal husbandry. In Deymega, in the Guidimakha region, a group of 20 villagers sources milk from 60 breeders and then transforms it into dairy products. The long-term goal is to process 15,000 liters per year, thereby increasing women’s income and food safety for families. Supported by Air France, Acting for Life is present at every stage of this project: sourcing food for livestock breeders, providing equipment for the processing unit (solar-powered refrigerators, gas-fueled pasteurizer), specific training for this profession, and organizing exchange trips. Developing this sector and husbandry activities in rural areas creates a positive dynamic that will boost the local economy.

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