Editor’s letter

Margins reverberate with a murmuring stream of invisible poetry. Down the left-hand side of sheets of squared paper, at the bottom of orderly gardens, edging well-mannered words, they open up windows for daydreams, scale fences and get lost along overgrown paths. They offer up their fresh blankness like spaces of exploration. Intervals placed at the imagination’s disposal, that can be filled, or not

Aude Revier

La carte postale de Frankie et Nikki

Postcard by Frankie et Nikki

Since 2012, this self-taught duo has been taking photographs; a retrospective of their work is slated for later this year. They like remote, old-fashioned, deserted places, never plan ahead and embrace encounters. This month, a nod to Bari, where they got lost and followed this cyclist to see where he would lead them.